Hitler: World War Ii and Aka Dictatorship Status Essay

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Hitler’s rise to power
1929- Watershed year -Stresemann out of Prime Minister position -Locarno Victory -US Stock market crash
1933- January Hitler is appointed Chancellor by Hindenburg, later the enabling act.(aka dictatorship status gained) and Clause 48 which gave leaders, in an emergency, absolute power (reason why no germans questioned his dictatorship)

Main People
Views- One day there would be 4 major powers: British, German EU/Russia, United States of Americas, Japanese Asia.

Goebbels: Propaganda Himmler: SS and Concentration camps Hermann Goering: leader of Air Force
Britain: Chamberlin: appeasement Churchill: awesome speeches, predicted war, lost credibility because of gallipoli
Mussolini: Inspiration to Hitler. Later Hitler just helps him out of predicaments. He’s mainly useless.

Start of WW II Timeline

If you were a German in Nazi Germany
This is what you would hear every morning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6sWmBh3jzI Causes of World War II (1939-45)
- Hitler’s idea of Lebensraum or “living space” he needed room for his superior race and he wanted to get that space from Russia.
Ineffectiveness of League of Nations
-The league lacked an armed force and therefore did not have the capability to force peace
-The United States was not a part of it and as a world war its influence was necessary