Essay on Hitler: World War Ii and Hitler Adolf Hitler

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John Robin
Professor Gunderson
History 1302 P11
April 10, 2013
Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria. Hitler did not have the best childhood. Alois Hitler, Hitler’s father abused Hitler as a child and was very rude and inhumane. He would beat Hitler as a form of discipline, which was not very uncommon during that time. When Hitler was 13, his father died from a lung hemorrhage. With no one to discipline him and also because no one showed interest in him, not even his teachers, Hitler played pranks and jokes on the teachers and was not a great student. Five years later, a Jewish doctor diagnosed Hitler’s mother with advanced breast cancer that took her life, leaving Hitler with no one to take care of. After his mother’s death, Hitler moved to Vienna to follow his dream and to become an artist. After failing the exam twice at the academy, he hit a low point in life, sleeping on park benches and begging for money. As life went on, he had to join the German army for a living and from there; he only moved up in life and became the figure that he is known around the world today. At age 25, Hitler was drafted into the German army and was fighting in WWI for Germany. In the army, Hitler delivered messages back and forth from the command staff to the fighting units close to the front lines. Unfortunately, Hitler was wounded in the leg by a shell bomb and was hospitalized and blamed the Jews for the apathy and anti-war sentiment. Upon his return to the war, he was blinded by British chlorine gas attack and was hospitalized again. At the end, he got the message that the war was over and Germany had lost. Hitler was a ruthless murderer and demolished most of the world and wanted more. But, it is important to notice that many of the people he killed were Jews. No one is born to this world hating on Jews for no reason. Even before Hitler came