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Brayan Cuevas
Holocaust 1-The rise of Hitler and the Nazi State
History 295, Section 01
William Borth

The Power of Timing
Germanys situation, directly following its defeat in WWI, was atrocious. Germany’s state was in dire need of new leadership. The Weimar Republic was disliked, alongside every other political party. Hitler sought to become a leader and now was the perfect time for him to strike. I believe Hitler managed to get to the positon of Führer, due to his great ability to revive a feeling of German pride and German nationalism.
The Germans are a people of great pride and honor. The sense of “Volk” has been the underlying idea, that Germans of Aryans decent, are the supreme race; any other race is inferior. Hitler exploited this sense of Aryan pride, and used it to manipulate the Germans. He convinced them that they are the “master race”, and all other inferior races should be eliminated. This “master race” came to commit atrocities in name of Aryan superiority.
After WWI, the Germans felt a great sense of humiliation and betrayal. They needed someone to blame for all their hardships, Hitler took this hatred, and exploited it. Jews were blamed for Germanys defeat, this notion of Germany being stab-in-the-back by the Jews gave them the title of November criminals. The treaty of Versailles left the once feared Germany, into a weak and powerless country. The German people were ashamed, of what has become of the Deutschland. When Hitler came into power,