Hiv Aids Research Paper

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Hiv/Aids is a deadly disease in the world today.Majority,of our people that are

infected with hiv/aids are the ones that are not protecting themselves . The only

way that hiv can be transmitted is through and infected person and pass to

another through direct contact from all different types of bodily fluids for

instance blood, vaginal secretions, breasts milk, sharing needles . If you want to

prevent the spread of hiv you can use a condom everytime, consider the drug

Truvada , you can also tell your sexual partners if you may have hiv and want to

also use a clean needle. Even if you are pregnant you can get medical care right

away you also should consider male circumcision. There is no vaccine to prevent hiv infection but, it is possible to protect yourself and others from the infection which means you have to educate yourself when it concerns hiv and you also need to avoid any unusual behavior that can contract hiv infected fluids. There is no cure for hiv/aids. But there are a variety of drugs that you can use to control your virus it is best to combine three of the drugs from two classes so you can avoid creating strains of hiv that can be immune with just a single drug. The classes that is identified is (NNRTIs) which stand for non-nucleoside Reverse
Transcriptas Inhibitors which is known to disable the protein in that is needed by hiv to make copies of itself , another one of the class is (Pls) which disable