Essay about Hiv and Drug Name / Classification Mechanism

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MEDICATION LIST FOR EXAM 2 (info copied and pasted from Davis Drug Guide Online)

| | | |Capitals=life threatening | |
| | | |Underline=most frequent | |
|Etanercept Etanercept (Enbrel) |Binds to tumor necrosis factor (TNF), |To decrease progression, signs and symptoms|CNS: headache EENT: rhinitis Resp: |Assess: ROM, swelling, and pain in affected joints before |
|Therapeutic: antirheumatics (DMARDs) |making it inactive. TNF is a mediator |of rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile |upper respiratory tract infection |and periodically during therapy. |
|Pharmacologic: anti-TNF agents |of inflammatory response . Therapeutic |arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, |Local: injection site reactions |· Assess patient for injection site reaction. Reactions |
| |Effects: Decreased inflammation and |psoriatic arthritis or plaque psoriasis |Misc: INFECTIONS |are usually mild to moderate and last 3-5 days after |
| |slowed progression of arthritis, |when response has been inadequate to other | |injection. |
| |sponlylitis or psoriasis . |disease-modifying agents. May be used with | |· Monitor patients who develop a new infection while |
| | |other agents. | |taking etanercept closely. Discontinue therapy in patients|
| | | | |who develop a serious infection or sepsis. Do not initiate|
| | | | |therapy in patients with active infections. |
| | | | |· Instruct patient to notify health care professional if |
| | | | |upper respiratory or other infections occur. Therapy may |
| | | | |need to be discontinued if serious infection occurs . |
|Saquinavir (Invirase) |Inhibits the action of HIV protease and|HIV infection with ritonavir (may also add |CNS: SEIZURES GI: abdominal |Lab Test Considerations: Monitor viral load and CD4 count |
|Therapeutic: Antiretrovirals |prevents the cleavage of viral |other antiretrovirals) . |discomfort, diarrhea, increased |· May cause hyperglycemia, which may result in diabetic |
|Pharmacologic: protease inhibitors |polyproteins. Therapeutic Effects: | |liver enzymes, jaundice,