Hiv and Aids in Prisons Essay

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Running head: HIV and AIDS in Prison

HIV and AIDS in Prisons
Heather Cooper
Mr. Thompson
April 24, 2013
Kaplan College-Southeast

The following pages contain information on the AIDS and HIV epidemic within the United States prison system. The characteristics of these inmates will be discussed and how well this population adjusts to the environment. There are some treatments and services provided to these inmates in and outside the walls of the prison. The public views are not very friendly, but the criminal justice system is trying to make it easy for the inmates to return back to society with help on how to cope with the disease.

HIV and AIDS in Prisons HIV and AIDS are a serious threat for prison
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The robbery was his cry for help. He did not want to die from his disease and did not want people to shame him because of his sexual identity. While incarcerated Burks learned about the disease and how he could receive treatments. When Burks was released he teamed up with Rev. Green who is on the board of directors for the Men and Women in Prison Ministries in Chicago. They are in a fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic that is being spread throughout the prison systems of Illinois. Green is trying to pass a law that will allow the men and women in prisons to keep condoms in their possession. Green has teamed up with the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and other people willing to fight for the cause. They say that the prisons allowing the prisoners to have condoms is groundwork for better prison and community health for people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. Green is hoping they can start a pilot program in Cooke County Jail for the inmates who have these diseases. Green says that she realizes that it is illegal for these inmates to have sex in prison but that is not stopping them. She states, “Sex is as natural as breathing. You put a bunch of people in a cage; they’re going to find a way. We should at least make sure they’re safe.” (Trotter, 2011) Burks is now a free man. He lives in the Chicago area with his life partner and helps to educate people about the disease he was cursed with. He has been trying to learn how to reconcile with his HIV status, regain