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Magdalen Court School 16.1 ICT – E-safety, including Acceptable Use Policy and Procedures Legal Status:  Based on guidance from the DfE, BECTA and CEOP. Applies to:  the whole school including the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), out of school care, the breakfast club, the after school clubs, the holiday club and all other activities provided by the school, inclusive of those outside of the normal school hours;  all staff (teaching and support staff), students on placement, the proprietor and volunteers working in the school. Related documents:  Anti-bullying Policy  Safeguarding - Child Protection Policy  Behaviour and Discipline Policy  Safeguarding Children in our School – Guidance for Staff  Communications Policy Availability  This policy is made available to parents, staff and pupils in the following ways: on request, a copy may be obtained from the Office. Monitoring and Review:  This policy will be subject to continuous monitoring, refinement and audit by the Headmaster and Principal.  The Principal will undertake a formal annual review of this policy for the purpose of monitoring and of the efficiency with which the related duties have been discharged, by no later than one year from the date shown below, or earlier if significant changes to the systems and arrangements take place, or if legislation, regulatory requirements or best practice guidelines so require.


Date: August 2013

Mr J. Jenner jr. Principal

Mr J.Bushrod Headmaster

Mrs J.Jenner Proprietor

Page 1 of 16 Magdalen Court School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. It is our aim that all pupils fulfil their potential.

Introduction We have written our E-Safety Policy based on government guidance. All staff, across the school community contribute to the E-Safety Policy and the responsibilities are shared. Any technology used in school (regardless of ownership) shall be governed by this policy. Pupils also have responsibilities under this policy identified in the Acceptable Use Policies. This policy should also be read in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Policy. Networked computer resources and internet access are widely available at Magdalen Court School. They enhance the teaching and learning enhance the learning environment for both teachers and pupils, but are sophisticated and powerful tools and internet use in particular raises a range of legal, ethical, technical and management issues. There is thus a need for proper regulation in the use of computers and internet by staff and children. This is provided in the School’s ICT and internet Policy contained in document. All those who wish to use the system must comply with this policy. In accordance with legislative requirements there is annual update training for staff regarding e-safety. The school also organises annually an awareness session for parents with regards to e-safety. For pupils: Pupils at Magdalen Court School will be given supervised access to our computing facilities and will be provided with access to filtered internet and other services operating at Magdalen Court School. The promotion of online safety within ICT activities is to be considered essential for meeting the learning and development needs of children and young people. Key messages to keep children and young people safe are to be promoted and should be applied to both online and offline behaviours. The primary purpose of this Policy is to safeguard pupils and staff at Magdalen Court School. It details the actions and behaviour required from pupils and members of staff in order to maintain an e-safe environment and is based on current best practice drawn from a wide range of sources. Health and Safety Policy The safe use of ICT is included within the Health and Safety Policy, and also include guidelines for the use of display screen equipment. The detrimental impact of prolonged