Essay about Hn 144 Unit 4 Assignment

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You will submit a 2–3 page double-spaced paper which should include a cover sheet and references page where you cite the article and the Code of Ethics. These are the only two sources you will need for this Assignment. If you choose to use additional sources, you will need to cite them as well.
The paper should be written in APA format using Times New Roman, 12-point font. It should be no less than 500 words and written in paragraph format. You will need to include in-text citations and references.
Part B:
Ethics are defined as “a set of moral principles and perceptions about right versus wrong and the resulting philosophy of conduct that is practiced by an individual, group, profession, or culture” (Barker, 2001, p. 159). In the field
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The left side of his face was void ofexpression, and when he talked his lips pulled to his right. As we made our way to my office, I also noticed that his gait was unsteady, and he walked cautiously. As Ibegan a standard assessment, Steve told me that he was a junior transfer student who had graduated 3 months earlier from a community college near his home. Hewas away from home for the first time, had taken an apartment off-campus, and was living alone. He explained that he felt nervous about being away at school, washaving trouble sleeping, and needed to address this so that he could do well academically. He told me he had looked forward to attending this school for many yearsand did not want anything to stand in the way of his success. It was Steve's medical history, however, that revealed the deeper elements of his struggle.
At the age of 20, Steve had been a victim of a random violent attack. He had been brutally beaten by a total stranger whom he believed must have been high ondrugs. Stunned from the initial attack and unable to move, Steve lay motionless as his attacker beat him repeatedly about his face and head with a tree branch.Eventually, his attacker left him for dead.
The repeated blunt-force trauma resulted in multiple skull fractures, causing severe swelling of Steve's brain. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, received emergencysurgery, and was in a coma for the next 9 days. His