Hnc Case Study Essay

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In this essay I am going to talk about the five stages of life and also demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the theories of Erikson and Maslow. I am going to apply these theories to a member of the madga family from the case study.
There are five stages that we all go through in our life, theses stages are; * Infancy * Childhood * Adolescence * Young Adulthood * Late Adulthood
Each of these stages has an expected milestone that most people will achieve; it is not set in stone that you must achieve each milestone by the set age. Life span development should be considered as a gradual unfolding of developmental events. (HNC Social Care page 75).each stage of the development is broken down into 5 strands of
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Being more sociable will give Mr Macdonald a chance to stimulate his mind by having conversations with other people as his wife is not capable of doing so.
Mr Macdonald could also become more involved with his wider family such as his grandchildren, by spending time and having fun with them this will give him a feeling of being needed and loved.
Mr Macdonald needs to come to terms with the changes in his life and accept them and learn to cope while still looking after his own needs.
Mr Macdonald could benefit from help in all aspects in his life; he cannot cope with looking after his wife on his own as this intefers with his own needs. As Erikson states Mr Macdonald has to solve all of his conflicts he faces and to do this Mr Macdonald will have to ask for help and surround himself with his family and friends. “In order to resolve the conflicts and develop the ego strengths, we need to have the right people around us at the relevant time”. (Care in Practice for Higher Page 161).
Mr Macdonald has to take care of his own needs before he is able to function properly and be able to look after his wife and wider family but also be able to attend to his own needs, he needs to