Essay about Hobbes and State of Nature

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Sovereignty is the quality of having an independent authority over a geographic area. In order to create an absolute sovereign power you have to reach order and peace. It is important to understand the nature behind humans in Hobbes point of view, he views humans as machines and imagines the world in a mechanistic way. Which is where he differs from Aristotle on how involved the citizen should be involved with politics, and the influence that nature has on humans. Our sensory experience is influenced by physical and emotional characteristics, we can have the same object but two different people can have different emotions towards it. This is due to the experience that each individual has with the object, he gives examples of humans understanding how objects can’t move themselves unless something else moves it, humans have no difficulty understanding that however, yet we find it hard and make exceptions for humans Hobbes whoever believes that the same rule implies to us(Hobbes 7) giving us sense impressions. What makes us different from other animals is due to the fact that we have and use speech to communicate, but also to record and exchange knowledge (Hobbes 20). He understands that natural violence exists and human disagreement is a natural instinct, because humans tend to defend themselves when they feel their life being threatened, which is why it is necessary to have an absolute sovereignty. In order for them to set out rules for men that want the same thing, yet both cant have it, making us equal to one another.
By having equality of condition we reach absolute sovereign power, and you will not only have a unify group of humans but a rather calm and just one. The representor receives his power because as humans we look to it to solve our problems and by doing that we are accepting that it’s the power. Liberty is achieved when we leave each other alone and not going around and saying what’s good or bad(Hobbes138). Hobbes believes that the only ones responsible for change are the politicians and rulers, and that is how we achieve liberty. The separation or division of powers will only destroy each other (Hobbes 213) since they will all try to gain more power over the other, in addition Hobbes also does not agree that the rulers power should be limited by a constitution between the sovereign and the people, since the objective of the sovereign power is for the state to be secure and do what
Hobbes strongly believed that the less people in a political power the better. Ideally it