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Over time, America has encountered great writers, professors, and philosophers. Some acknowledged more than others, but all have contributed a part to where we stand today. Throughout history, power has continuously been associated with money, social status, and relative titles. However, we shall not forget that knowledge is power, as well as power is knowledge. Two philosophers in particular, having both similar and different characteristics, both made a huge impact on our thought process on how things should be. Thomas Hobbes with “Leviathan” and Jean Jacques Rousseau with “The Social Contract”, are two works in particular where they happened to lead into both the English Revolution (1685), and the French Revolution (1789). Both being relatively huge with the revolutions, they had many differences in conception and complacencies.

With both of these documents being somewhat drastically different, they still share some similarities. With both of these documents being highly influential, many historians argue whether they caused a revolution. Hobbes influence brought up the bloodless England Revolution in 1685, While Rousseau sparked the French Revolution in 1789, all because of their strong opinionated voices and expressed ideas.

While both of these documents had similarities, they both, Hobbes and Rousseau, had very different outlooks on government and the life of man in general. Hobbes thinks man is too incapable of governing itself, and life is about surviving in one peace till the very end, as Leviathan Quote: “In a state of nature, Life is solitary,