Hoboken, New Jersey and Rotex Global Essay

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Project Proposal
Mark Reis
Gilbert Lahlum
Project Proposal
Project Description
Augur metal products is a manufacturing facility with the agenda of producing values for our customers. Rotex Global has presented us with a project of building 400, TT11 sifting screens over a two month period, which will become part of 200 geological sifting machines that Rotex Global will build for their customers in Europe. In building these 400, TT11 sifting screens it is important to note the similarities between the TT11 screens and the TT12 screens which are made of mild steel, they are the same size with an identical manufacturing process that will save time because we do not have to build any new jigs for the production team to use. The production team will not require any additional training and they will be using the same jigs as the screens are the same size the only difference is the type of metal, Stainless steel will be used in this project. The TT11 screens will earn the company $8,000 per screen, 8,000 * 400= 3,200,000, we can produce 50 TT11 screens over a week’s period and producing 200 in 4 week and 400 in 8 weeks.
The start date of the project will begin July 1st, 2015 and will end September 1st. We will be producing 50 of the TT11 screens a week 200 a month, by August 1st we should have half (200) screens built out o the 400 ordered (Kerzner, H., 2015). By September 1st we should be finished with the project.

Project Stakeholders
The project stakeholders are management and employees in our company and the owners of our company (Kerzner, H, 2013). The project manager at Augur Metal products along with the production team involved in producing the TT11 screens. Our metal supplier will also benefit from increased sales of metals we will be using to produce the screens. The managers and employees of Rotex Global along with the owners and stock holders of Rotex Global will also be stakeholders of these TT11 screens. The European…