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HOD 1000 Midterm Study Guide 2.28.12 Tips: 1 Know Lecture 2 Know how they are applicable 3 Know Lemme 4 Take the test carefully …50 multiple choice questions
a. Underline the important words like: i. “All,” “Nothing” or “None” Lemme * Look for models on development * Models for Understanding Development * Trait Model * Be aware of what the 5 traits mean * “Openness” and “Agreeableness” Self & Identity
3 things determine importance of Memories: 1 Frequency a How often something occurs 2 Duration 3 Intensity

Internal Working Model:

The internal
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Doubt (1-3) 3 Initiative vs. Guilt (3-6) 4 Industry vs. Inferiority (6-11) 5 Identity vs. Role Confusion (12-20) a Related to one’s commitment to occupation, religious beliefs and political ideology and whether or not those commitments have been made after a period of exploration or crisis b James Marcia added the domains of gender-role attitudes and beliefs about sexual expression 6 Intimacy vs. Isolation (20-40) c Developing capacity for close intimate relationships without losing one’s sense of self d Dependent on the existence of a solid identity (previous stage) e In not resolved, leads to loneliness and isolation 7 Generativity vs. Self-Absorption (40-65) f A concern for future generations and society as a whole g Midlife transition?? h Psychological origins are in adolescence and young adulthood i Periodic longing for meaning and purpose that is outward focused and which occurs throughout adolescence and adulthood 8 Integrity vs. Despair (65+) j Integrity refers to the ability to look back over life with satisfaction and little or no regrets i Acceptance of death ii Saying goodbye to loved ones iii Finishing the “race” with dignity k Despair include bitterness and regret over life l There is a sense of fear and despair as one approaches m 4 types of Generativity:
* Why the Self is Empty *