Essay on Hodgkin's lymphoma

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Hodgkin's-Lymphoma, this is a cancer that affects your lymphatic system or more commonly known as your immune system, this disease happens when a B-cell forms a mutation in its DNA. This mutation tells the cell to start to multiply in a greater speed. It also compromises your body's own natural ability to fight against an infection. Whether it is a minor or major type of infection your body is susceptible to many awful illnesses.
For anyone who has to go through this particular type of cancer, everyday can be very difficult and very dangerous. Imagine your body's front line of defense being torn down. You would have to worry about every cough you hear and every dirty doorknob you touch. Becoming a professional with hand hygiene seems like part of the territory.
A majority of the symptoms can be similar to a common cold so being able to diagnosis can become a difficult task. Some of the more common symptoms are painless swelling in your lymph nodes, fever and persistent fatiguing. But there is one that is not very common and that is the increased sensitivity to alcoholic beverages. Some people even experience pain after drinking any type of alcoholic beverages.
Say you have not yet been diagnosed, you are out with your friends and you have one or two drinks. Suddenly you are in massive amounts of pain. This can be a problem because your body doesn't naturally decide it will no longer consume alcohol. There is an underlying problem occurring that is causing the pain and