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The experiment ‘Hold and Carry’ demonstrates that plants, especially celery, have their own passage structure that conveys food and water from their roots to their shoots. If this is right, the food colouring should travel from the root of the celery to the top. For this experiment you will need a clear glass or container to place the food colouring in. You will also need a cutting board and a warm sunny position to put the jar in.
Place about 3 tablespoons into the jar or container. After this step you put the root of the freshly cut celery stalk into the food colouring. Position the container in a warm and sunny spot, allowing the experiment to stand for about 7 minutes. After these 7 minutes are finished, remove the stalk from the container cautiously as the food dye will stain clothes and utensils as well as benches. Always work on the cutting board. Notice the level of the food colouring that is remaining in the bottom of the jar. Slowly cut up the stalk and observe as to how far the food colouring has travelled. Record you observations. What do you think has occurred?
From what the results have shown, the food colouring covered most of the way to the shoot. Some of the leaves have the dye in its tips. I think because celery is such a light vegetable, that the dye will travel further than it would using a much denser food.
From directing this experiment, it demonstrates that all plants have this effect on them, making it easier for them to grow when the water…