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Period 1
20 September 2013

I’m going to tell you about how I went to the cape, if you really want to know. My crummy family and I, who can never get along, went down to the cape and stayed in some bogus hotel for a week in the summer. All of my family has totally opposite personalities, which doesn’t help with the arguing. While I was down there, we did some stuff that we shouldn’t have. But I don’t feel like getting into that right now. Anyways, my whole family argues and argues, but I try not to get into it. Most of the time I just avoid them and hope that they don’t include me in the argument. If you’re actually interested in hearing about the stuff we did, we went some places we really shouldn’t have, but it’s whatever. We stayed at some crappy hotel and there were a lot of crappy hotels near it. Immediately when you walk in, you see the front desk. This lady was beyond a phony. My mom asked a lot of questions that you could tell this lady did not feel like answering. I do not know how she did it but she managed to keep a smile the entire time she was talking to my mom. Not a real one, like my mom believed it was. This lady was not about to trick me, there was no way. And then she gave us our room key after the trillion questions my mom had. As we entered the room, boy I don’t even want to remember it, it was smelly and you could tell it had not been cleaned since the last person who stayed in it was there. Seriously I feel bad for the family that stayed there because there was wallpaper coming off, and you could see the piles of mold that had formed under the wallpaper. I could have sworn I heard a rat, but when I asked my family they didn’t answer. The view was supposedly “oceanfront” which was bull crap because the only thing we could see was every single car in the Cape drive by. Anyways my cousins and I went to this hotel that was walking distance away. We wanted to use the pool, so we figured, who was stopping us? Well there was some hotshot lady in the pool area that thought she was so important even though the only thing she was ask for names. We didn’t feel like getting into the whole, “You’re not supposed to be here.” kinda crap. She wore a name tag that said, “Hello my name is Cindy.” But I read it to be, “Hello the only reason I am wearing this name tag is because I think I am important.” She must have stared at us a billion times; she obviously knew we weren’t staying at the hotel. The manager thought he was being all tough coming over and asking us to leave. We weren’t buying it. This guy was weak and scrawny. This guy was at least 6’ and had limbs that looked like sticks. There was not an ounce of