Holden Caulfield Connotation

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Depression, inconsideration, noncompliant are all attributes of what a teenager goes through life. Many factors that contribute to these negative connotations are situational events or trauma that has occurred during the person's life. In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye the male protagonist, Holden Caulfield, shows qualities of an unhappy lifestyle and alienates himself from society due to his psychological problems.
Holden Caulfield is a sixteen year old teenager who lives with wealthy middle-class parents in New York City. Holden’s parents provide everything to him and encourage him to strive to become something extraordinary. To add, his parents expect so highly of Holden that they send him to high educated schools, yet due to his lack
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He dramatically changes into an outcast to society and alienates people who care and support him. Holden’s personality is also altered and mostly consists of cynical and jaded, but is extremely intelligent. He isolates himself and uses bad judgment that pushes him deeper into the pit of loneliness and depression. Throughout the novel, Holden frequently wishes himself dead or completely just stops trying on a subject. Holden encourages the negative aspect of life throughout the novel rather than prosperity. His attempts to cope with the loss of his younger brother and his depression are to ridicule the ugliness of society which he considers them “phonies”. However, his criticism towards the things that annoy him are also aimed at himself. He finds his weaknesses uncomfortable and uses that to criticize his dislikes. From time to time, Holden also resents adulthood and does not want to grow up. Throughout the story, Holden becomes more childish because he’s afraid of the responsibilities that an adult does in life. He sees youth as a protector of having fun, doing stupid things, and fleeing from the responsibilities as an adult.
Holden Caulfield is extremely an odd character and has high standards for himself and others. He is a troubled teenager looking for any alternatives to take that justify his values or interests. Only focuses on his own self-desire and allows himself to be secluded from