Holden Caulfield Court Recommendation Essay

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Holden Caulfield
Date of Intake:

March 1945
Evaluation Date:
27 March 2015
Caseworker Team Names: Jake Potts, Jake Silva, Chance Belding, Jason Demostene, Drew
Family: Jake Silva
Peers: Drew Cramer and Chance Belding
School: Jason Demostene Community: Jake Potts Symptomology (all):
Depression: (3 00.4 depression disorder)
“More I thought the more depressed I became” (195), “I got feeling so lonesome and rotten”
­ “I was a little nervous” (92) Alcohol (305.00 Alcohol Abuse)
“I cant sit in a corny place like this cold sober” Suicidal I felt like jumping out the window.. I didn't want a bunch of stupid rubbernecks looking at me when i was all gory” (141)

Nicotine abuse (305.1)
“so i laid around in bed a while and smoked another cigarette” (105) Social phobia (300.23)
“ I thought of giving old Jane a buzz.. but wasn't in the mood” (105) Academic problem ( V62.3)
“ I wasn't supposed to come back… on account of I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself at all “ (4)

Causative Factors (all):
1. Neglect­ “ daddy cant come. he has to fly to California” (162)

2. Alli’s/James death­ “ he was dead” (170) “He got Leukemia and died” (38)

3. Alienation­ “ practically the whole school except me was there” (2) External Support Systems (individual paragraphs “Take a Stand – Make It Stick”): Family
: Jake Silva:
Holden’s family life has been through many changes due to the traumatic and unexpected death of his little brother Alli at age of 12. With a loss that vast no family is ever going to be the same. Some of his family members like his mom and dad are not always there for him when he needed them most. However there is still just as many supportive family member around him, like
Phoebe and D.B. An example of not having a supportive family is his father. There are many times in the novel where Holden or Phoebe makes a remark that proves how their father is not really in the picture of the everyday life and is always involved in work matters. When Phoebe and Holden are taking about her upcoming play she tells Holden “ daddy can’t come. he has to fly to California”
(162). This shows that the father figure in Holden's life is really not there. This is a major problem that needs to be solved. Also Holden's mother is not a very good support for him. For example when
Holden is sneaking into his house to talk to Phoebe he explains that “ half the time shes up all night smoking cigarettes” (158). This shows that his mother really all hasn't been there since Alli died. she has been around physically but she has been battling depression this whole time. However even though Holden’s family has some negatives supporters he has a very good support system coming from his siblings as well. Just like every family in the world, there is going to be some good and bad things about your family. His first positive support in the family is Phoebe, she is definitely the biggest support that Holden has and is probably the person he wants to talk to most of all. He is constantly raving about her saying “if you tell old Phoebe something. she knows exactly what the hell your talking about” (47). Holden just wants someone to talk to and she is only person that seems to be able to do this simple task for him. Also another positive family member is D.B. he is in
Hollywood at the moment pursuing the movie industry however he still provides much support to
Holden. Now that you have seen the supports in Holden’s family I believe that Holden should not be put into any home. He should just stay at home where he always says he wants to be. Also even though that his parents are not always there for him, he clearly only wants to talk to one person, and that is Phoebe. So if Phoebe is at home then that is where he should be.

: Drew Cramer & Chance Belding