Holden Caulfield Symbolism Essay

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For most children growing up is a painful process but this is especially true for Holden Caulfield. Growing up for Holden was especially difficult because he lost his brother, Allie Caulfield, when Allie was only eleven years old. Holden’s childhood is not seen as anywhere close to ideal due to the emotional trauma of losing a loved one at such a young age, and as he ages into adolescence, the reader can see that he also had trouble academically. He failed out of numerous schools and currently has bad grades. This pattern of underachieving in school can be perceived as a method of avoiding adulthood. Holden is not aware of why he is struggling but through symbolism the reader can see the patterns of his mind. Symbols of permanence, escape and the curb/cliff image convey Holden’s desire to not grow up. Most people enjoy things that stay the same or that are permanent, most likely because when things change, they force people to exceed their comfort zone and people love being …show more content…
As he is walking into the park, Holden hears a familiar song coming from the carousel. Approaching the carrousel Holden says “that's one nice thing about carrousels they always play the same songs” he likes that the carrousel plays the same song because it reminds him of childhood memories, he also likes it because it stays constant (272). The carrousel is not only constant when it comes to music but also when it comes to destination and position. While watching Phoebe get on her Favorite ride he says “Then the carrousel started, and I watched her go around and around”, Holden enjoyed watching phoebe ride the carrousel because not only does the carrousel not have a destination but because the horses never pass each other and remain consistent. Nothing makes Holden happier than reminiscing his childhood memories and to watch phoebe do something he also once also