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Freshman Composition A 11/10/13
Greetings fellow colleagues, our subject today, Holden Caulfield, a Caucasian male, age 16 is suffering from several mental disorders due to his previous traumatic experiences. He has experienced the death of his younger brother, the suicidal act of a peer, and possible previous sexual violation. My treatment plan includes therapy, medication, and adult-supervision. According, to my research, Holden shows symptoms of hallucinatory behavior, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.
Throughout Holden’s manuscript he mentions hallucinatory behavior, both visual and auditory. On page 257 of the manuscript he states of begging his brother for safety and thanking him as if he were right next to him. The subject also shows hallucinatory actions when he is in the Wicker Bar. He had believed he had been shot and wounded and blood was pouring out of his guts. He had tried covering the wound and stopping the nonexistent blood from leaking out. All of this can be found on page 195 of the manuscript.
Throughout the manuscript Holden tells us of his many traumatic experiences. This includes his Brother Allie’s death, a suicidal act of a distant peer, and he hints that he had been sexually violated in the past. I believe that he has post-traumatic stress disorder because of this. Whenever he thinks of Allie he relives the moment in the head and thinks it should’ve been him and that he will get leukemia. Also, he has been traumatized by the suicide at Pencey Prep. Not only did he see the student’s body on the ground but the kid was wearing Holden’s turtleneck sweater when he committed suicide. In the manuscript when Holden was at Mr. Antolinis house he had gotten very cautious and jumped back defensively when the teacher had started to pat his head. He states that when something perverted