Holden: Personality Psychology and Holden Essay

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Catcher In The Rye talks about a young man who gets out of school and has an adventure in the society. Holden is both an introvert and extrovert. There are so many examples in the book that show sometimes he is an introvert and sometimes he is an extrovert. So why is he an introvert? In the book the reader could find a lot of words that Holden does not tell the people who he meets, but the author writes in the sentences to let the reader know. In chapter two, Holden thinks, “ I didn’t like hearing him say that. It made me sound dead or something. It was depressing.” When old Spencer is talking to Holden about his grade and what the school will do to him, Holden thinks it makes him feel like he is already dead. However he does not say it like that, he just answers “ I guess I will”. There is another example in chapter 10, Holden tries to invite the girls to dance and the author writes a lot about Holden’s heart to show the reader he is kind of nervous. He looks at the girls for a long time and thinks about how to invite them. From the book people could find out that he stays there for a long time and then he goes there and asks the girls. He is also an extrovert, because in chapter 3, when he met Ackley, he is not introverted anymore. When people read the book, people will find out Holden does not talk like when he invites the girls, people could feel that he changes the way he talks, and he never thinks before he talks. First he swears a lot, and he would not use word like “ please" or polite words anymore. In chapter 3 “ You are nuts. I swear to God.” and there are so many swear words, almost every page. Every time he talks to a girl he is kind of introverted, like in chapter 10 when he invite the girls to dance. From the example listed, people could find out Holden sometimes is an introvert, sometimes is an extrovert. People will change in