Holden's Maturation In The Catcher In Rye

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The Catcher in Rye by JD Spangler was a story of maturation of the main character Holden Caulfield. It was a recollection of his teenagers, to depict his trip and adventures to manhood. It takes place in New York in the late 1940s written in a short span nearly 10 years after the experiences from inside a metal hospital. It was a very emotional overview of his life that initially began because of his expulsion of Chancy Prep. Due to this fallout, it would lead to his rollercoaster of future from then on out. But what truly shifted the course of his actions most significantly would be the death of Allie.
The death of Allie lead to his is rapid mental dissolve. As some people take adversity to progress to becoming stronger mentally, he took this situation
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Rather than a more careful and rational approach to scenarios, he acted spontaneously. More likely than not, he would avoid the confrontation at any cost. Whether it be the mix up between his roommates, or approaching his mother or the problems Holden’s faced in the outside world. Holden takes this to extremes asking Sally if she’d be will to run away with him to the woods (Pg. 147). Judgment of his life descions wasn’t even a subconscious task to an extend because he truly did not want to meet face to face with the issues that dictated his negativity. This furthermore ties into the lack of social skills that exponentially dropped throughout this time as well. Holden acted very passive aggressive, keeping mixed emotions about everything and everyone including his self. It almost seemed as if he never wanted to be alone and keep other away, but he did want to feel love by others as he did feel inherently alone. With sally he wanted nothing but love, but when it came to his seemingly kind roommate, he never truly opened his own eyes to witness his surroundings as a result of his deteriorating