holdens trait sheet Essay

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Holden Two-column Notes
Topic: Holden Caulfield’s character traits.

Trait: Examples

1. Holden’s reactions and description to Ackley coming into his room and picking everything up. “The thing with Ackley that he picks all your stuff up and never puts it back where it goes.”

2. Holden goes on and on about everything.

3. When Holden is fighting with both Stradlater and Maurice, Holden refuses to shut-up; but rather, he antagonizes the situation leading to a physical fight that Holden loses.

4. When talking about actors/ Hollywood or any performer, Holden overgeneralize and places them all in one category--- they are all a bunch of phonies.

5. Holden hates most other men--especially if they seem to be more at ease with women than he is.

6. Holden pretends that he gets shots and plays the entire scene out in his mind. In this scene, Holden is the hero who fights through his injury to get revenge on whoever has embarrassed or hurt him.

Trait #2 Examples

Kind to children
1. Helping the little girl in the park with tightening her skate. He also tried to help the two little boys on the teeter tawter (to even out the weight), but the boys don’t want his help. Therefore, Holden leaves them alone, but he is not irritated with him

2. Demonstrates patience and appreciation for the uniqueness of children-- like the little