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I went to college on the Thursday prepared for expedition we had to do a one night expedition to pass the unit 15. We were all supposed to meet up in a classroom no body was told until the last minute so it was crazy and badly organised. We have to meet up in the classroom so that all the bags could be sorted out meaning peoples things had to be in 65litter burgeons, and cheeked because the collage wanted to make Sure we had no illegal things like drugs or bosses, or things we shouldn’t have Most people need to borrow old until the last minit65 litter back packs so three was a lot of messing around and sort out bags and equipment. Just to add more trouble one student did not turn up so Louise hade to ring his mum she was not best pleased. We all had to wait for him and he then had to sort out his stuff in a spare burgeon. After all the madness we final left about 12.30.
When we got there we had to put up tents in our groups we had been put in before the trip. We went on tow min buses, After all the tents were up we all walked down to the river with our burgeons on and we given the changlen to water poof then and float them across the river with us to the other side and back,. With out them getting wet. When back up to our tents after this we had time to change and shower.

Later on in the evening after tea. When it was pitch black we did a night challenge we got told to get in harrying bow formation this a line where the first person (commander) faeces the direction your all heading the next people face alternative ways the last person face the opposite direction from the commander. There we two sections this means tow lines next to each other with all our bags and equipment. And we were told to flow Dave we were faced with challenges we have to build a basher in and our sections witch was split into two groups. One lead by the section commanded and one lead by the second in command. After than we were tack off in sections by section to find out information on bases but not get sported by Louise. After we all succeeded we when back to the bashers and we…