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1. Lady Ashly has the least depth of all the characters in The Sun Also Rises, she is as shallow as a wash bin and just about as complex. She characterizes the selfish stooped and flertasheous pleasure driven, responsibility deprived part of our society. Her only life goal is self fulfillment, her lifes meaning is to seek attention from others. Whenever things seem not to be going her way, our when her actions lead her astray, she behaves like a small spoiled child and seeks solace frome her male friend Jake, she expects him to bow to her evry whim but refuses to except his true love, because true love is beyond her understanding and is thus an unknown quantity, and as such it terrifies her.
2. Lady Brett Ashley symbolizes the undisciplined, spoiled aspects of society. Everything she embodies is for the worse in the novel. She takes advantage of all her counterparts and proves her upbringing was very unsuccessful.
3. Throughout the novel you see two sides of Lady Brett Ashley. The first is that she actually cares about the people around her and want to be a good person. The second side is her using everyone around her to benefit herself. Each of these sides goes along with what other character she is with during a particular moment.
4. Lady Brett Ashley is a tart. She goes after men and has sex with them and then they provide for her. She actually is the most unsympathic character in the whole story. She uses men then discards them once they are of no use to her. She is a spider, trapping men in her web and traps them there. As Cohn says she is Circe, who turns men into swine. By turning them into lower creatures, she uses them and then kills them at the opportune moment.
56. Lady Brett Ashley has her own ideas and for the most part, does what she desires. She yearns for Jake, while he does the same, but knows that she could never be happy with him. She is a very independent woman that many women strive to be like her, but she also has some problems of her own. . 2. Lady Brett is not a sympathetic character. All of her friends are talking about all the things there going through and she is like “I don’t care, lets drink.” Lady Brett is also not a very good role model for anyone because she acts uncaring to people and she drinks a lot.

7. Brett is not a very positive female role model. She likes two different guys, sleeps with them and uses bad language. In chapter seven-teen, the reader realizes that Brett is a slut. She was in many relationships at the same time. She slept with Jake, Cohn, and bullfighters. You realize that Brett isn’t an innoscent character.
8. I believe Brett is a tramp and a horrible positive role model. She is a role model for bad behavior and scandalous actions. That is all.
9. Jake, Mike, Cohn, Bill and Romero are all men that lady Brett Ashley plays around with. She does not have very good communication with any of them so it makes things very complicated between all the men. Throughout the book she is with several different men, she gives them all reasons to believe they are important.
10. Lady Brett Ashley is compassionate when things are beyond what she can control. Brett has slept with almost every main character of the book and takes it upon herself to make them feel better, mostly with the consumption of wine. Lady Brett Ashley is to mary Michael at the same point in time she runs off with Pedro Romero and Cohn. Brett drinks as much as the men if not more, and smokes cigars and cigarettes, not typical of women in the 1920’s.
11. Lady Brett Ashley is a beautiful women that men are instently attracted to. Her present are always welcomed.
12. Lady Brett Ashley, a character in The Sun Also Rises, is not a sympathetic character, nor a positive female role model. From what we see of her in the novel, you get the idea that she does what she wants in terms of what would be best for her. When I say “best,” though, that means “what will be most benefitial/fun” for her at the time.