Case Study Of Holey Soles Holdings Ltd

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Table of Contents Overview 1 Problem Statement 1 Symptoms 1 PESTEEL Analysis 2 TOWS Analysis 3 STRATEGY 4 GE Matrix 4 Porter’s Five Forces 5 Effect of Strategy on Porter’s 5 6 BEAM ANALSYIS 6 Effect of strategy on BEAM 7 TOPS Framework 7 Organization 7 Technology 9 People 10 Topology of Stakeholders 11 Expert Models 12 Jick`s “The Ten Commandments” 12 Orlikowski & Hofman 14 McKinsey’s 7-S Framework 16 Nadler & Tushman “Framebending” 19 TTA/TTI 20 Tactics to Emulate 20 Things to Avoid 21 Implementation Plan 22

Holey Soles Holdings Ltd, a Vancouver-based injection-molded footwear company, was soaring to new heights in 2007 when they realized that it might be time for
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| Medium3 | None | Unknown | Unchanged | Important | Legal: * Legal implication of product misuse * Protection of new ideas to maintain competitive advantage | Threat 3 – Pending lawsuit against Holey Soles from Crocs that can potentially cause significant harm in the future.Threat 4- Cautious marketing needed related to potential hazards leading up to lawsuits – for example, the healthcare workers complained that if a needle dropped through the hole, it could cause harm. | Low1 | None | Negative | Unchanged | Important |

TOWS Analysis

TOWS Analysis | Opportunities * O1 - Holey Soles has seen positive feedback from countries overseas especially European countries where they could expand operations. * O2 - Changing foreign trade policies can provide incentives to change manufacturing facilities to different countries. * O3- Increase the male lifestyle association with the Holey Soles brand to capitalize on the male market. * O4- Investing in new technology can make manufacturing the high quality clogs more efficient and of higher quality at a lower cost. | Threats * T1 – Seasonality of the business is causing plant and manufacturing to run under full capacity * T2 - Holey Soles used molding of polyolefin/polypropylene and ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). As people begin to become more environmentally conscious, especially the demographic that is inclined to purchase Holey Soles shoes, Holey Soles may