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Ideas for Stress Relief by Allison Zanolli and Katherine Sam Right around mid-semester, it always seems like classes begin to ramp up and the workload gets piled on. Every Castilleja student has a different way of managing the stress that comes with all of our schoolwork, so we have compiled a small list of our favorite stress-relieving activities! Enjoy!

1. Take A Hot Shower
This is a great way to just put everything on hold. A mere ten minutes of warm relaxation can help you refocus and loosen any tense muscles.
a. Drink Hot Chocolate (Hot Drinks)
Especially as it starts to get colder, sipping a nice, warm drink is wonderful for just relaxing for a few minutes.
a. Take a 10 minute power nap/break
Pacing yourself is super important when you have a lot of work to do. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, step back and do something unrelated for ten minutes before returning. Just don’t get completely sidetracked!
a. Listen to holiday music
Since Halloween is over now, it’s basically the winter holidays. Forget about Thanksgiving. It doesn’t come with festive tunes. Use November as an excuse to make holiday playlists that you really have no business listening to for another month. And when these holidays do finally come around, it will be Winter Break! This is so much motivation to get your work done!
a. Take a relaxing bath (Specifically with bubbles)
It’s like the shower raised to the one millionth power. Grab a book, light some candles, play some music. In the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation, TREAT YO’SELF. #spaday
a. Get Organized (Make lists)
While the Casti planner is extremely helpful, sometimes