Holistic Medicine Essay

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Donica Johnson
21 March 2013
Holistic Medicine vs Traditional Medicine
Holistic medicine addresses a human as a whole, including the body, mind, and spirit. Seventy-four percent of the American population desires a natural approach to health care. Considering it to be a better approach to human’s life. Although, there has been many gains brought to Americans in the recent past by the use of allopathic medicine, there are still some things people may need to think about. People must take a serious look at the limitations that it presents and compare it to the positive aspects that the holistic/naturopathic approach has to offer. The way in which a naturopathic would treat a condition such as pancreatic cancer would be to addresses not only what is going on with the function of the pancreas but to address the immune function, body detoxification systems, and biochemical deficiencies, vitamin and mineral balance in the body. This is what is considered to be a true synergistic approach to healing. By supporting the overall parts of the body, the naturopathic way brings the body to a true level of health (Waling 1).
The naturopathic method supporting natural physiology would be to look at a case of flu for example. The symptoms of flu would be a fever, sore throat, headache and body aches. To approach these symptoms in a naturopathic way would be to prescribe homeopathic or herbs which will bring the fever to a head and begin to sweat to aid in the