Holistic Observation

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While I was observing, I noticed the teacher took a holistic approach towards the three-year-old children’s wellness. For starters, the environment was very clean. The teacher made sure the students put all the toys away in bins and everything was placed where it belonged. For example, the teacher told a student to put the doll back where it belonged, so that the seating area was not cluttered with toys. The environment provided a learning area, as well as a place for playing with toys. For instance, the teacher had soft cushion chairs set up where the children sit at for singing songs, reading stories, and listening to the teacher teach. The educator also made sure the tables were clean off before and after the children ate snacks. The teacher did an amazing job setting …show more content…
The environment, good health, nutrition, and safety of the kids is very urgent. As a teacher someday, I plan to use the holistic approach, as well as fulfill the NAEYC standard 1 requirement. Just as the teacher made sure the environment was clean, clutter free, and organized. I want to do the same as the teacher. For example, I will make sure the room is clean. I would put all the toys in a bin that are the same, and put other toys in their own specific spot. As a teacher, I would walk around the room throughout the day looking for potential risks of injury. For example, I will check the toys for broken and sharp parts, and then throw it away if it’s broken. I would throw away soft toys that have a hole in it, so the risk of choking on cotton does not take place. I would also keep my children safe at all times. For instance, if a child needs their shoe tied, I would tie their shoe for them whether they ask me to or not. I would do that because having an untied shoe can lead to a potential risk of falling and getting hurt. Those are some ways I would take a holistic approach of my student’s wellness when I am a teacher