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Liana Kai
Mr. Yasuhara
Period 4
24 March 2015
Holland Code Essay Today I took the Holland code test. My top 2 scores were investigate and artistic. For investigate, my score was 4. For artistic, my score was 3. Investigative people enjoy thinking, analyzing and exploring more than physical activity. They prefer to do research and figure out problems mentally rather than lead people. People with artistic interests like to work with activities that involve creativity and deal with forms, designs and patterns. Investigative people like to analyze and explore rather than persuade or lead people. I am like this because I like to do research on specific topics. Artistic people like self- expression and do not like following a clear set of rules. I am like this because I do not like following the rules. I do what I feel is right. My 2 lowest scores were realistic and convetional. Realistic people like to do hands on acrtivities. I am not like this because I like working with other people and do not like doing things such as fixing or building. Conventional people like woprk activities that follow set procedures and routines. I am not like this because I do not like having a strict schedule. I like my scheldues to be open and flexible. A career from the investigate group that I would like to do would be a pediatrician. This is because I want to go into the medical field. I like to do nursing jobs. A career from the artistic group that I would like to do is a professional…