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Sherlock Holmes By: Daja Copeland 3/18/14

Sherlock Holmes was a fine young detective who was created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle was a medical doctor but he would rather write about Sherlock then to attend to his patients. He alternated between days or weeks of sluggishness and similar periods of powerful engagement, with a challenging case or with his hobbies, experimental chemistry, or with his violin. He sometimes used cocaine; however Watson describes this as Holmes' bar, of course, and his pipe that he always appears to have between his lips. That was Sherlock ways of him trying to be bad and break the law. The stories of Sherlock Holmes tricks with his sidekick, Dr. Watson' and Holmes’ arch-enemy' Professor James Moriarty', were then following in 'A Scandal. The characteristics that catches the readers eyes about Sherlock Holmes is his integrity, trustworthiness, sensibility, rational determination, lack of emotionalism, and intelligent power. "It may be that you are not yourself brilliant," Holmes tells Watson, "but you are a conductor of light. In developing Sherlock, Doyle based Sherlock Holmes on Doctor Joseph Bell, a surgeon and teacher. Dr. Bell was very smart and fast before you should tell him what’s wrong with you he would figure it out in a quick matter of time. More than a period of time Sherlock Holmes name blew up he was known in almost every country in the world. Sherlock Holmes was known for both his Name and his work he has done with working with a lot of cases. Sherlock has big scary piercing eyes; he has a really long gown like scientist wears in labs, and a really big magnifying glass. If we were to see him today we would spot him just by his appearance. He is still however a secretive character, as wrapped in mystery as the crimes he tried to come…