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A community rehabilitation center would make a community more enjoyable to live in

A drug rehabilitation center will make a community safer to live in by educating those who are addicted to drug about their disease. Most addicts believe that drugs are the problem. By teaching addicts about cognitive thinking and life skills it will not only better the individual but also the community. One less person in our community being affected by addiction is one less person we have to worry about being harmful on the streets.
A drug rehabilitation center will give resources for gainful employment which will help with the unemployment rate in our community. Resources are offered such as interviewing skills, Job readiness, resume preparation and dress club. These classes will help incur age those how are new to the workforce and esteem those who haven’t worked in a while. Individuals in this program will also get the advantage of working a specific state contacted employers who hiring people living with addiction.
A drug rehabilitation center will reunite children with their parents who may have not had an opportunity otherwise to gain a relationship with their children due to addiction. By having less broken families in the community it will provide better home environments for those children who usual turn to drugs as did their parents. The parents will receive parenting classes, child development and laws practice on corporal punishment. Improving one person at a time giving