Holocaust: Adolf Hitler and Hitler Young Programs Essays

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Imagine getting treated like an animal for what you are and what you believe in. This is what happened to the selected groups of people during the Holocaust. Hitler wanted a perfect race, so he sent the selected different types of people to the concentration camps to be exterminated. The Holocaust was the darkest time in World War II history because of the concentration camps, the Nazi party, and the harsh experience from the survivors. Concentration camps were used in many different ways in the Holocaust. First of all, there were different types of camps. There were camps for killing, forced labor, and prisoner of war (USHMM). Next, many die in the camps. “At least 4 million Jews died inside the camp and another 2 million outside it”, (Nordling). Lastly, there were many diseases spread in the camps. Many diseases were spread by rodents, other people, and their clothing. Also weather conditions help spread it (Human illness). In conclusion, concentration camps were horrible places to stay in. The Nazis became powerful and invaded different countries. First, Hitler started a Hitler Young Programs to gain support. For example Hitler stated, “He alone who owns the youth, gains the future”. This meant that if you teach the young to do this, they’ll get use to it (Keeley). Next, Hitler had power to control the people of Germany. Hitler gained power by making the people believe that the Jewish were the ones to blame for the lost of World War II (Haugen). Lastly, Hitler didn’t start of by hating Jews before he came to power. “Adolf Hitler’s 2 closest friends were Jewish at the time”. He also admired Jewish art dealers and operatic performers and producers (Think Quest). Clearly, the Nazi party and their leader, Hitler, became powerful in Eastern Europe. Many people who survived theses moments, suffered and went through pain from it. First of all, the