Essay on Holocaust: Auschwitz Concentration Camp and Eva

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Elie Wiesel born was born Jewish American on September 30, 1928 in the town of Sighet, now part of Romania. During World War II he with his family and other Jews from the area were deported to the German Concentration and Extermination camps. Elie was separated from his mother and sisters. His mother and sister Tzipora were killed in the gas chambers upon arrival. In 1940 Romania lost the town of Sighet following the second Vienna Award. In 1944 Wiesel and his family lived in the larger of the two or Serpent Street. On May 16, 1944 the Hungarian authorities allowed the German Army to depart the Jewish Community in Sighet to Auschwitz His inmate Number ‘’A-7713’’, was tattooed onto his left arm. Wiesel and his father were sent to the attached work camp Buna which is A Sub camp of Auschwitz III – Monowitz. He managed to remain with his father for over eight months as they were forced to work under appalling conditions and shuffled among three concentration camps in the closing days of the war. January 29, 1945 just a few weeks after the two were marched to Buchenwald, Wiesel father was beaten by a Nazi as he was suffering from dysentery, starvation, and exhaustion he was also beaten by other inmates for his food he was later sent to the crematorium only weeks before the camp was liberated by the U.S third army on April 11th. After World War II, Wiesel taught Hebrew and worked as a choirmaster before becoming a professional journalist. As a child Wiesel witnessed a lot of cruel things. He and his family was ripped out their home and forced to go to a place where you barely get any sleep when every day you get up at 3am you have to dress quickly and make your bed the right way if not done the right way your punishment was 25 lashes after which it was impossible to lie or sit for a whole month. When it’s dark and cold outside they still have to work. In order to warm up a bit groups of ten to twenty people stand together, back to back so as to rub against each other. There was place called the ‘’Wash Room’’ where everyone in the camp was supposed to wash. There were only few faucets and there were 4,500 people. There was neither soap, towels, nor even hand kerchief. so that washing was theoretical rather than practical. In one day a person there became a Lowly person. At 5am they used a half of liter of black, bitter coffee for breakfast after breakfast there was a headcount after that they had to work during work the SS men beat up innocent prisoners for no reason during the beatings the prisoners would scream only after the first blows. Afterwards they fell unconscious and the SS man kicked at their ribs, the Face, and at the most sensitive parts. Eva Galler another holocaust survivor was born in Oleszyce, Poland on January 1, 1924 she was the eldest of eight children in her family. Her mother Ita was an Orphan the family she lives in was to poor to afford a dowry those were hard to find to get married without one. Eva’s Father didn’t let her got to high school Eva was on a hunger strike, she wouldn’t eat. Eva locked herself in her room until her father agreed that she could go to high school. Eva was aware of the Nazis and events in Germany from the newspapers. Germany was forced to return to Poland which led up to the Kaistallnacht. Eva’s father gave a room to a refugee family who didn’t have a place to live. Eva and her family didn’t believe Hitler was coming to Poland until they saw the airplanes. Then the treaty came in. In 1941