Holocaust: Compare And Contrast The Economic And Social Effects Of 9/11

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Hate. A word that can define both the tragic events of the Holocaust and the attack on September 11, 2001.
To start off, during the Holocaust, Hitler and the Nazis were able to rise to power and were able to take control. This allowed them to persecute the Jews. Because there was a strong hatred for the Jewish people back then, they were accused of everything and were blamed for all of Germany’s problems. That is why over six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. It was because they were hated. Even though they did nothing wrong, Hitler was able to convince all of his followers that they were terrible people, simply because Hitler did not like them.
By turning Germany against the Jews, their country was affected politically and socially. Focusing
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Beginning with the economic issues, the buildings and areas that were destroyed had to be rebuilt or fixed so it was safe for people to be around them. If they dust and pieces of the buildings stayed on the ground and weren’t picked up, it could potentially be dangerous for the families who lived near there. To accomplish this, they had to pay for the supplies, which economically affected the United States. It took an entire year, and $700 million, just to rebuild the Pentagon alone. The destruction from the terrorist attack was very expensive. However, aside from the economic problems, there was something positive that came out of 9/11. There were many technological improvements, specifically in airports. They made many new inventions to assure that airplanes would be safer. They invented new security systems such as body scanners, that allowed guards to see if there were weapons being hidden. We also have many more metal detectors, and planes are much safer overall. These technological improvements had a great impact on the United States, even though September 11 was a horrendous