Holocaust Essay

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Extra Credit
College United States History
April 15th, 2013
Period 1
Anatomy of The Holocaust
People may have altered the steps described in the persecution of Jews by “softening the blow”, and making the tragedy seem like no one noticed and little could be done to prevent it. The German people were in the middle of a humongous depression, and Hitler was the bold ruler that lead them out. He put people to work and helped rebuild their country to its former glory. He was considered a god in a way, that could do no wrong. People looked over his actions because they were busy with their bright and shiny new futures he had given them. Laws he made banning Jews from jobs, etc, could slide right by without being questioned. No one jumped straight into action to defend them, leaving the Jews to Hitler's murderous scheme. If the international community had stood together, combining their forces, and collaborating, the Holocaust may not have happened. With all of their strength against Hitler and his army of Nazis, this 'terrorist' could have been pushed back into his place, stopped from spilling the blood of innocent human blood. The international communities could have laid down the law and told Hitler that he couldn't just go on a rampage and conquer whatever country he wanted. Yes, there was an obligation for the other countries to intervene on the behalf of the Jews. Thousands of innocent lives were being taken, they should have stepped in a said that it wasn't