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Alicia Desantis

The holocaust was the mass genocide of approximately six million Jews during world war two. It was a systematic killing by Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, throughout German occupied territory. Jewish people were forced out of their homes into ghettos, concentration camps, or worse death camps. When people think of the holocaust they think that all German citizens were bad and were terrible people. But not all the Nazi Germans were fighting because they wanted to; some were being forced into it’s for the German citizens, I think they were just so afraid that Hitler would kill them that they never said anything and just went along with it.
You may ask yourself, were all Nazi soldiers brutal killing machines? Maybe you haven’t; if not then you should think about it now. Hitler was a ruthless leader who would do anything to get what he wanted, and what he wanted was to kill anyone who wasn’t ethnically German. It was nothing personal to the Jews; that was just the first race that he decided to kill off. I’m sure if the war didn’t end that once he killed all the Jews he would move on to the next race and then next after that. Hitler had a crazy view of the world. He obviously had a lot of issues. His thought on the world was that unless you have blonde hair blue eyes and are ethnically German then you deserve to die. I find it quite ironic considering he doesn’t even fit his own requirements to live which is no wonder why he killed himself. People were obviously afraid of what this man might do if you got on his bad side; so, they didn’t want to risk getting killed the soldiers and citizens would just stay quiet about it.
Hitler had everyone so scared that no one dared to speak up and tell him that what he was doing was really wrong. The German citizens could have stood up to him and the war would have ended a lot sooner than it did but they had it good. They were rich and didn’t want to mess up things and get on hitters bad side. And it’s