Holocaust: Impact Event and Jeff Dagostino P- 1 Essay

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Holocaust Trip
Jeff Dagostino P-1

The trip to the Holocaust Museum was a very different experience. Just walking into the front door you could tell how much the feeling in the room changed, and how different everyone was once we entered the building. There were four main points that I would honestly say that impacted me. The first point would have to be just how everyone acted in the entire building, its nothing I’ve ever really experienced. The next thing I would have to say would be the room with all the shoes of the prisoners. The third point would be how they had the “room” with the pictures of the families stacked from the top of the building to the bottom. And the final point that I found interesting was the rail car that we could walk through as we were walking through the building. All four of these points I feel made a very strong impact on me.
After everyone had made it through the security checks, you could feel the mood of the people in the room change. It got very quiet, basically for most of the tour, you didn’t hear a word from anybody. Obviously, you can understand why it was like based on the circumstances of why this museum was made. But it was something I’ve never been around or been a part of. I think this alone had the biggest impact on how I felt about the trip.
The second thing that really made me think was the room with all the shoes of a portion of the prisoners. As soon as you walked in, the smell is what hits you first. And on top of the smell, just the fact of thinking about what the people who wore these shoes went through. I did not stay in this room long, just the thought of the smell mixed with the victims, made it very uncomfortable for many of us.
The third point that I would like point out would be the picture “room”. This was different from the other exhibits. At the top of the museum is where the pictures began, continuing to the very bottom of the museum directly going down. The pictures consisted of families and portraits of some of the prisoners. It was very interesting just to look at the different families and people. Obviously it would