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Dear Brother,

I pray to myself everyday that you are still in hiding because this makeshift way of life is truly hell. The last time I remember seeing you was right before I was taken away, you of course were under the floorboards while I was in the closet. If only I would have had your knowledge on where to hide I might not be trapped behind barbed wire, where my only enjoyment is at night when I can hear the calming splashes of the Bug River. They had me shipped on a train like luggage to a camp they call Treblinka all because I wasn't born German, but I still don't doubt my Jewish race because I know our lord put me here with a purpose, a purpose not to be trapped like an animal. Everyday is a struggle for survival as I have already had many close calls with death. The first day upon arrival there was a man at the gate of the camp that pointed left and right as men, women, and children walked through. I quickly found that these pointings were in reference to life and death, and before I knew it I was pointed in the direction of the chimneys. Well brother I can say that at that point I has lost faith and had simply given up, but that a man grabbed me by the arm and jerked me in the opposite direction, where with a short thank you I was happy to survive another day. Conditions here have also been awful as human waste lines the streets, and dead bodies lay around waiting to be buried. I still don't understand how such horrible beliefs came about our society,