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The Holocaust Museum Houston located at 5401 Caroline Street Houston, Texas 77004 is a 27,000 square foot facility dedicated to honoring the memory of the more than 12 million people who lost their lives at the hands of the Nazi regime in the Holocaust during the Second World War. In addition to serving as a memorial, Holocaust Museum Houston also serves to educate people on the dangers of evil and prejudice, as their motto and slogan is “Stop hate. Starting here.” Using the lesson of the Holocaust and other mass genocides, the Museum teaches the dangers of hatred, prejudice, and apathy. There is the ever present lesson that if these evils are ever thrown out of control again, the image of another mass genocide of even greater proportion than the Holocaust may become reality. The Museum’s permanent exhibit, “Bearing Witness: A Community Remembers,” tells the story of the Holocaust straight from the source. The exhibit focuses on the lives and experiences of survivors of the Holocaust who later found their homes within the Greater Houston Area. This exhibition allows visitors to learn about the lives of the Jewish in a timeline like manner, starting from Pre-War Europe and ending at the end of the War. Upon entering the exhibition, the visitor is given impression of Jewish life and culture in Pre-War Europe. To the left of the visitor are various biographies of Houstonians who survived the Holocaust. Following the biographies, the visitor is presented with Nazi Propaganda the attempted move towards “The Final Solution.” The visitor is then exposed to the conditions in which the Jewish population suffered following the start of the War and Nazi persecution. This includes prisoners’ clothing, food rationings, and the various methods used to systematically kill off the Jewish population. Towards the end of the exhibit, visitors are shown images and newspaper articles of the liberation of the Nazi camps and the surviving Jews being tended to by the Allied Forces. Upon exiting the exhibit, the visitor is presented with a short documentary in the “Albert and Ethel Herzstein Theater.” Apart from the permanent exhibit, the Museum also houses the Education Center, the Morgan Family Center, the Lack Family Memorial Room and the Eric Alexander Garden of Hope. The Education Center houses the museum’s library, where members are able to check out books and other media. The Morgan Family center includes the administrative offices, two other exhibit galleries for changing exhibitions, the HMH classrooms, and the theater. The Lack Family Memorial Room is a quiet place for