Elie Wiesel: The Existence Of God During The Holocaust

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Elie Wiesel has questioned the existence of God during the holocaust which for me is completely understandable. If I had to put myself in Elie’s shoes, I would not have the strength or courage to live through under such horrible circumstances. Elie has witnessed thousands of Jews whom has been shot, hung, and burned. The Jews were being captive by the SS men in a concentration camp twenty-four seven with barely enough food and water to survive. Not only that, but they were forced to work like slaves and were constantly abused in such terrible manners. After seeing this, who then would question Elie for losing faith in God? I would not. Instead, I would be exactly like Elie and question God’s existence if I had witness the harsh treatment of the prisoners by the Nazis. I would be in a state where I had given up already and deny God’s presence. I would question God constantly and get furious with Him. I would lose my hope and faith that I once had. More importantly, I would hate for my entire life. I would hate God for not helping us when we are in deeply need of help if I witness those atrocities. Not only God, but I would hate the SS men and everyone else for not stopping the war that only brings more disaster to the world. Therefore, I would not have been a believing person and pray if I had been through the Holocaust. I would be in a far worse condition than Elie had. Because of this, I want to congratulate Elie for being such an inspiration to all people over the world. He is one strong and brave man who had survived through a horrible situation. More significantly, whether or not Elie’s faith remained he continued to strive for himself