Holocaust: Nazi Germany and Historical Occurrence Essay

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Throughout a twelve year span of 1933-1945, there was an historical occurrence in Europe known as the Holocaust. The definition of the word Holocaust is a complete slaughter of life. In the case of this historical event, not all life was exterminated, but mostly the life of Jews.
It all started in 1933, when Adolf Hitler, a political leader of the Nazi’s took over. Unbelievably, Hitler was elected by what he believed, and what he believed in, many other people didn’t. Planning on complete annihilation of the people with differences, he not only succeeded, but excelled. While raiding most of Europe, the Nazi’s had destroyed almost anything that tried to get in their way. Killing over 5,000,000 Jews and 5,000,000 other people the Holocaust; with no doubt, would definitely make it into the record books as one of the most horrific human disasters ever. Making life a living hell for all of those people was just the beginning. Suffering by starvation, claustrophobia, & knowing that they may die anytime in the near future, the Jews and everyone else killed had been living the life no one would ever want to.
Restrictions controlled the living Jews. Only allowed to eat 180 grams a day, everyone had starved. No one was allowed to vote for what they believed in. Nobody was allowed to run for a public office position. In my opinion, worst of all, nobody was able to get married. Basically, the Nazi’s had controlled how they lived & if they lived.
An extermination for the