Holocaust: Nazi Germany and Innocent Children Essay

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Navjot Girn
The holocaust was an event in which the discrimination against Jews happened. The holocaust was very horrific event in history. Though this macabre event happened, it had no start date. The discrimination slowly built up from the Nuremberg Laws and continued until the Germans eventually started to mass murder the Jews. It all begun in the night of broken glass when the Germans started discriminating the Jews. A lot of their rights were taken away and eventually they were forced out of their houses. Jews were being sent to ghettos to work and were killed if they were handicapped. Sometimes Jews were killed simply because the Germans felt like it which is very rascis. The Jews worked day and night in bad conditions and hardly got paid. Even the children had to work and if they didn’t work then they would get punished. Also in worst scenarios, they would get killed.
When the Holocaust started no one knew how bad it would get. Of course except Hitler and some of his soldiers with some information on their plans for the Jews. The Jews never knew what was happening to them until eventually the Germans started to gas them and told the Jews that they were going into large rooms full of showers. Hitler was a strong and smart leader who knew what he had to do in order to eliminate the Jewish race without being attention. Hitler was in power for 11 years before the holocaust started to end. Toward at the end, Hitler created the most destructive killing of the Jews which lasted for two years. The racism between the Jews and Germans still continues on today. Germans always had very discriminating views about the Jews and were taught from a young age to believe and follow these awful views. If it wasn't for racism this event would of never happened. Because of that, Hitler never would’ve succeeded to bring an army to murder the Jews. Millions of Jew's would of lived their lives and lived happily with the German's. So many innocent children, babies, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, nieces, aunts, uncles and brothers would not have been horrifically murdered. As the Holocaust progressed the conditions got much worst. There was mud, and dead rats which caused diseases. The ghettos were so overcrowded that when some got sick it spread from person to person which resulted in some deaths. Some Jews tried to escape but those that were captured suffered sterilization, forced resettlement, division from families, beatings, torture, starvation, and death. As the days progressed the number of deaths started increasing more and more. Life started getting harder for Jews. For example, the Germans would