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Conner Bingham
World History
Position Paper
The Holocaust Do you think the holocaust was just about millions of Jews being killed? That is only a part of it. I think about the cowards that the Nazi’s and their leader, Adolph Hitler were. Just because they came to power in Germany that year in 1933, that made them racially superior to the Jews that lived there? The Nazis felt threatened that a lot of the Jews lived in countries that Nazi Germany would occupy during World War II, so they took the easy way out and started killing them off. The Holocaust will be remembered as one of the greatest injustices against humanity in our history, and the most disgusting times in world history.

Because they felt so threatened by the Jews existence, the Nazi’s killed almost two out of every three Jews. They also targeted homosexuals and other people whom they did not approve of their social behavior. But the Nazi’s behavior was acceptable? In my opinion, they were led by the most evil man on earth, Adolph Hitler. He was by far was the biggest coward of them all. His racist views influenced thousands of Germans He made the Nazi’s believe that the Jews were the source of all their problems. And his way of taking care of that was to kill them. People usually died from unspeakable conditions. They were so fearful of the Jewish population during the years of the war that they created ghettos and transit camps so that they could monitor the Jewish population. Maybe another good word to describe the Nazi’s would be “haters”. The Nazi’s and their leader After the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, Nazi’s arranged mobile killing units and militarized armies of police officials moved behind the German lines to begin the mass-murder killings against Jews, gypsies, and Soviet and Communist Party Officials. Over one millions Jews were killed by German police, including men, women and children. From 1941 to 1944 is when millions of Jews were deported from Germany to the ghettos and killing centers. There they were murdered in gassing facilities. The Nazi’s did everything in their power to wipe out the Jewish population, which made the Jewish population attempt to come together and rebel against them and unite as one. In the final months of the war, camp inmates were moved by train or on foot in forced marches called “death marches”. There were strict orders given to kill prisoners who could not walk or travel. Because the camp evacuations depended on forced marches and travel by open rail car or small boat in the Baltic Sea, many of the people died of exhaustion and exposure to the cold. The prisoners realized that the Germans intended for all of them to die on the march. The Nazi’s wanted to make the prisoners do so many degrading things to that they would seem less human. It was more justifiable to them to kill someone whom they considered less human than themselves. Why would anyone do such unimaginable things to other human being? Because it’s the only way they knew how to make