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The Holocaust was caused by Hitler’s need to blame. Germany needed an enemy that could be blamed for everything that had happened and the Jews were a perfect target. Jews have no homeland and they have been picked on as the outcast through history. The Holocaust happened because Hitler wanted to get reed of the impure race of Jews. He also thought they were taking all the jobs and were plotting a communist up rise. So the only way to fix this problem was to start a system of eradication of Jews. This was the cause of the Holocaust.
There were many factors that led to the Holocaust movement's beginning as well as its ability to become such a large-scale operation. First, at home in Germany, there was much unrest with the people. The economy was in shambles as it could never recover from World War I and the harsh demands of the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles made Germany pay $33 billion in reparations. Meanwhile, it also put huge limitations on Germany's trade industry, causing even more economic troubles in Germany.
This dysfunctional economy gave an easy way for the Nazi Party to rise in Germany. When the economic and social conditions of a country are low, it is almost always much easier to drastically change from the current regime. At times like that, people are desperate and have nothing to lose, as they feel their lives and the conditions around them can only get better. Knowing this, Adolf Hitler and his regime were ready to bring his Nazi Party into power in Germany.

The fact that the United States, Britain, France, and other countries did not