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Many people believe they know all there is to know about the Holocaust and Hitler, but that's not always true for all. There's a lot of background stories that remained hidden or people just don't bother to research it. Hitler had a rough life when he was younger which carried over into his older life. He mistreated the Jews and anyone else he didn't like. If people took the time to search the information they would be able to find it all very interesting as I do. There were many events of which lead to the holocaust and it can start from the beginning of it all. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889. His mother and father were Alois Hitler, an Austrian customs official, and Klara Poelzl, a young peasant girl. At a very young age Hitler was lazy, moody, had a bad temperament, and was very hostile towards his father. Although, he was very attached to his mother who soon died of cancer. He left school at the age of sixteen to pursue his dream of becoming a painter. He was then rejected by the Viennese and went into a state of depression. His depression lasted for about five years and ended up adopting a hatred for Jews and Marxists. By 1923, Hitler was convinced by General Ludendorff that Weimar Republic was on the border line of collapsing and the two men, with the nationalist group, set out to overthrow the Barvarian government. They bursted into a hall in Munich while firing pistols into the building. Hitler and Ludendorff marched through the town ahead of three-thousand men, but were only met by the police who stopped them. Hitler was soon arrested and set for trial. He was sentenced for five years, but got out only after nine months. During his time in jail, Hitler wrote the book Mein Kampf. His book outlined his plans to fix Germany and to get rid of what he saw as the greatest enemy of civilization, the Jews. He didn't just stop at the Jews though, he included the Gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics, and any other who he didn't like. Hitler became ruler of Germany in 1933. He came into power by pleasing the people and telling them what they wanted to hear. He promised the people that he would create jobs, mandate schooling, build up a new military, inspire everyone to fight, and have enough food for all those to eat. Everyone was happy at first because they were getting exactly what they wanted, but it soon all changed. He then began using terror tactics. He would have soldiers walk around in precise uniforms all in black with very powerful weapons. He forced people into ghettos and started to downsize food supplies. He realized that the Jews and others he didn't want weren't dying fast enough so he put the people to work to build factories. These factories would be gas chambers, toxic showers, or any other ways he had to kill the people. They slaves were building their own death beds unknowingly. Hitler then forced the Jews and all the other slaves into cattle cars and sent them on their way to the concentration camps. When they arrived they were split into groups: one was for those who were seriously ill and the Nazis knew they couldn't work, they went straight to death; another was for the men and boys, they were put to work in the fields or anywhere else where the men were useful; and the third was for the women and children, they did field and factory work. The people were forced to wear certain clothing. Prisoners were required to wear color-coded triangles on their jackets so the Nazis could identify who belonged to what background. Political prisoners (communists, socialists, and trade unionists) wore red triangles. Common criminals wore green triangles. Gypsies wore black. Jehovah's witnesses wore purple and homosexuals wore pink. Also, they had letters to identify the slaves' nationality: P for Polish, SU for Soviet Union, F for French, and so on. The end of the war soon came and the military forces were weakening. All the allied armies closed in on the Nazi concentration camps from the east and the