Holocaust: The Jewish Genocide Essay

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The Jewish Genocide
Who did Hitler blame for WW2? The Jews, after all. A personal narrative written by Elite Wiesel name Night was about his point of view during the Holocaust. It took place during the time of 1942-1945. The location was in Germany and various concentration camps. This novel was about a person during the Holocaust and what he went through. The things he saw and what stayed in his mind. The Germans dehumanized the Jews by violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights even though every single living person should have the same rights; Thereof, these negative consequence's are the aftermath of the Holocaust.

To start off, there are great amounts of negative consequences experienced during the Holocaust. There were millions killed during this unwanted genocide. They lost faith in both humanity and god. It caused a great amount of debt. Families were separated or disembodied and everybody felt hopeless. Lastly, there were public hangings and all the craft skill were gone or no longer existent.

Furthermore, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the Germans violated these rights against the Jews. In other words, Article 4 states that "No one shall be held subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment"(UDHR). In fact, they threw or catapulted babies in the air and used them as target practice. According to Wiesel," Babies! yes, I saw it with my own eyes.... Those children in the flames"(Wiesel 41). Also, Article 9 states "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile"(UDHR). For instance, the Germans would execute anybody on sight who couldn't keep up with them. According to Wiesel, "We were no longer allowed to go into restaurants or cafes"(Wiesel 21).

In addition, the Jews in the Holocaust were dehumanized. For instance, they were put in tight confined spaces. According to Wiesel," The SS pushed us hundred to a carriage"(Wiesel 102). They were being forced to be in tight spaces. Plus, they had to run or sprint without clothes at one point. According to Wiesel," Our clothes had been left behind in the other blocks, and we had been promised other outfit. Toward midnight we had to run,"(Wiesel 38). This dehumanized the, because the Germans made the Jews run into the