Autobiography Of University Of South Florida

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Erica Valdovinos

Dr. Deery

Human Development

November 18, 2012

University of South Florida is a very high research institution and has twenty of its graduate programs in the top one hundred of the 2012 America’s best graduate schools. The campus has about 47,122 students and has a good medical program for that is why I am interested in the University of South Florida. When I got to ninth grade I wanted to overachieve because I just knew I wanted to go to the University of South Florida. I am a workaholic but passionate at heart when my heart is set on something. I want to undertake that goal and try my best to succeed. My aspiration is to go from a small town girl to go to a big city to attain my dream and become a general physician. Seeing a phenomenon happen by saving a life is ideal it is something not everyone can’t triumph or accomplish. I volunteered at a program at Desoto Memorial hospital called Medical Pathways where I did one hundred and fifty hours of community service. Even at a small town there is many people that are ill, I got to cooperate with the health care team and see how the hospital maneuvers. In Med-Surg, the floor I was on there are mostly elderly people that are feeble and brittle and that’s why health care team needs to communicate to help them and make them feel more comfortable. It was inspiring to me to see how much people especially the elderly depend on the nurses, and doctors. That’s why I want to be in the medical field. To help those in need.

What I learned at the hospital being part of the health care team you need to communicate and help the patient the best way possible.