The Celebration Of Discipline

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If we look at today’s society, we can see that people don’t know how to maintain the relationship with God because of what they see, what they hear and by the human desires that we all have. But Celebration of Discipline breaks down all those aspects and tells us how to come to God and keep that relationship with him. It basically explains the process in how we can get into a deep relationship with God and get to know more about him. The book is divided into three different categories of Discipline that are, Inward, Outward and Corporate. These are the basic steps that the author tries to explain through the reading. The Inward category explains the steps we have to make in order to be able to communicate with God and hear his voice. The four sub points that he explains in this category are, Meditation, Prayer, Fasting and Study. Between all these topics, the one that really touched my heart and made me confess was Meditation. The author explains that even though we want to get closer to God and grow spiritually, we can’t grow if we don’t read God’s word which is our daily bread and try to put those words into our lives. In order to grow we need to fill our spirits with those words and keep filling them. I think that the explanation given by the author is very true because if we don’t know who God is and how he works, how can we know his will and work for it. Furthermore, it explains about the outward category. This category talks about what kind of image we show to other people as Christians. It also explains about different aspects like, Simplicity, Solitude, Submission and Service. But the one that caught my attention was Simplicity. Nowadays, many people try to live a life that is not them and does