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The majority of us recognize how drastically the world has changed in its traditions and lifestyles throughout the progression of time. Because we have all progressed along side of it, we have had a chance top adapt and conform to these new ways of life. If people who lived around the 1800s were to be placed into today’s world it would be somewhat of a culture shock. The comparative lifestyles of those who lived then and now are vastly different for a number of reasons and the collision of both worlds is sometimes overwhelming. We see this when we examine the Amish lifestyle and their reaction to their experience to the real world around them. Those who choose to live the Amish way of life are exposed to this enormous change in culture when they turn 18. They are able to compare both words and decide which they life better. Because this can sometimes be an overwhelming feeling and a lot to take in, the affect that todays world has on the Amish is very interesting. In todays world 18 year olds are soaked in technology, partying, drinking, and basically anything that has to do with having fun. This is almost the overall opposite of 18 year olds in the Amish community. Up until this point in their life they have been exposed to very little recourses and trends outside of the Amish community including technology. They do not have electricity, let alone social net working sites and texting. “93% of American teens go online daily” and “the average teenager sends 3,339 texts a month” this compared to a teenager who rarely even uses any form of technology through out the day can pose as a very key difference in comparing the lifestyles of the teens living in these different worlds. The ability to relax the rules of the Amish lifestyle in order to see which way they would rather live is called rumspringa. Although most Amish kids at this age are exited to live like the majority of kids their age in America the lifestyle of the 21st century poses to be too much for them and the majority choose to remain Amish and get baptized in their church. Breaking Amish is a television show on TLC that follows young Amish kids as they go from the lifestyles that they have known their entire life into the world of New York City. They show the struggles that these kids go through after being shunned by everyone in their